Devious Licks


The Brotherhood

Are you ready?

The Brotherhood is now recruiting new members.
Their requirements are simple. Lick the most Devious of items and provide solid, immutable proof!

Owning 1 or more LICK NFTs will grant exclusive membership into the Devious Brotherhood. This devious organization is full of wicked degens of all shapes and sizes. Setting up outposts where possible, they provide shelter and activities for anyone who is worthy.

! A new outpost has been sighted in an old abandoned tavern. Rumor is they will be operational very soon.

You walk up to the outpost, pockets full of dGold and a LICK in hand..


Members only!

Some benefits of being a Devious Brotherhood member:

- Devious Thieves: Receive 1 Thief for every LICK you own!
Airdropped directly on launch!

- Guaranteed whitelist spot in our dGold token presale

- Store your LICKs in the devious vaults and earn some dGold in return!

- Future 'breeding' of your NFTs will allow you to create your own truly unique and custom character

More to come with Tier 3..


The Devious Ecosystem

Devious Licks is an ambitious project aiming to combine the exciting nature of thievery, gaming, and the immutability of the blockchain all mixed with an old school RPG vibe.

Our project consists of 3 main launches; 2 NFT collections and a token.

Our current focus is on NFT staking, which will come alive when our dGold token fully launches (tier 2). Holders of our first NFT collection (LICKs) will be able to stake and earn dGold with varying APR based on the rarity value of their NFTs.

Tier 1 - Launched November 30 2021
This tier includes our very first NFT collection
Holding this NFT proves you are worthy, and is your 100% unique membership into the Devious Brotherhood. This NFT is also your ticket to receive a 1:1

Tier 2 - Launched February 7th 2022
This tier includes our Utility BEP20 token called dGold. This will be the main currency of our ecosystem, airdropped to LICK (Tier 1) holders and purchasable by all.

Tier 3 - Launch TBA
This will be the launch of our Devious Thieves Avatar NFT collection. This collection will include 8888 total characters, with a 50/50 split of Male/Female. A cutoff date will be set, and all LICK holders will receive a Thief NFT at a 1:1 with their holdings.

These characters will all initially start out at Level 1 with basic stats, which can be upgraded in the future (breeding).

Tier 1

The ORIginal LICK

LICK [lik]
- A successful type of theft, which results in an impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist




Open Public




Promotion and Giveaways

The attributes

Beauty In The Details

Here you will find the heart of the lick.

Each attribute, including Rarity, is 100% random and programmatically selected based on individual rarity weights.

This will produce some rare, wild, and obscure combinations!

1- Rarity

, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Devious and Unique!

2- Item Quality

Featuring 15+ varieties from Ugly or Average, to Bangin' and Mint!

3- Main Item

Featuring 50+ different items, one is sure to catch your eye!

4- The Location

Featuring 35+ different locations to find the ultimate lick!

dGold Value

Ranging from 50 - 1,000 This feature will unlock with Tier 2

The bags

Everyone Has Something To Hide..

Featuring over a dozen different bags and boxes, you'll be sure to find something that suites your needs

The background

Were You Followed?

You've found a quiet place to admire your lick.. hopefully it was a clean getaway


Frame Them!

Your lick will be framed with one of many unique borders... for science!

100% Uniquely unique

Each lick is programmatically unique, with varying rarity across different attributes

Binance smart chain

Our ecosystem is based on the Binance Smart Chain. Members will need BNB to mint


Your lick is fully compliant with the ERC721 (BEP721) token standard. Once minted, it will live on forever!

Nothing hits the spot quite like a good old fashioned LICK'n

Albert Einstein


These Licks really do be bussin!

Late Great Colonel Sanders

Fox News

Heyy honey.. I'll do ANYTHING for some dGold...

Leslie R

The Back Alley

Tier 2

The Lifeblood of the Devious


$dGold is deflationary, featuring a buy/sell tax to provide longevity to our ecosystem. Token holders will see their balance grow as trading volume increases. Stake your LICK NFTs to earn much more!

Available now on PancakeSwap and Adapt.Exchange


Total Supply

Max Tokens Per Transaction

5% Tax on buys and transfers:
- 2% to Holders
- 0.5% to Marketing
- 0.5% to Staking Pool
- 2% BURN

15% Tax on sells:
- 5% to Liquidity
- 6% to Holders
- 0.5% to Marketing
- 1.5% to Staking Pool
- 2% BURN

What to look for?

Each Lick is assigned a random dGold value upon creation.

This value will be claimable for dGold tokens in the near future!

With many uses in our ecosystem, it would be wise to hoard all you can!

Ready to join the Brotherhood?

Tier 1

Public Minting is now availble
Price: 0.45BNB each

..The future is.. devious

 - Launch our tier 1 NFTs with a presale for whitelisted members followed by a public sale.

 - Reveal upon public sale

Total NFT Sales:
- 5% Minted
- 10% Minted
- 25% Minted
- 50% Minted
- 75% Minted
- 100% Minted

--When 100% have been minted--

- 10 Lucky minters will receive their BNB back!

- Giveaways for our community with over $100k in prizes!

Tier 1 - Q4 2021

The successful launch of our dGold token. Also included will be:

- Inhouse NFT Marketplace
- dGold airdrop and purchasing
- NFT staking for dGold and Affinity
- Marketplace fees to holders

Keep your Licks close, and hoard that dGold!

Tier 2 - Early 2022


The Devious Thieves will be your digital avatar in the Devious ecosystem.

Pair them with a LICK NFT for an upgrade in their stats! We will include various short term staking "missions" which will be accessible only to certain character stats.

- 50% of Artwork complete (Female)
- 100% Artwork complete
- Devious Thieves NFT launch
- Members only web portal
- Online activities and giveaways
- Character development with breeding
- dGold burning with new uses added

The Brotherhood will allow you to finally put a face to your reputation. Pairing your newly acquired Devious Thief avatar with your LICK(s)

Tier 3 - Q2 2022

Devious Thieves

We are 100% committed to building a vast online presence for you and your NFTs.

We are in development of a thief oriented rogue-lite dungeon crawler, which you will be able to login and use your Thief NFTs as characters. Play to earn various rewards, including some of our dGold tokens and NFT items!

The Devious ecosystem is here to stay and we want you to join us on this blockchain journey!

The Future


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The Team

The Devious Team consists of Dustin, the project lead, as well as many hired contractors, each contributing to various elements. Our main NFT artist will be added to this list shortly


Project Lead


NFT Artist

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